Personal Trainer’s Tricks of the Trade

The job of a personal trainer is highly demanding, along with being extremely rewarding. You need to be patient and honest with your clients at every step, motivating them to achieve goals that will change their life forever. A good personal trainer is not just an expert of health and fitness, he is also a good human being who loves being around people and helping them. Here are a few tips and techniques that will help you in your career.

First of all you need to be there for your client, which means focusing on the client and assisting whenever there is need. You need to keep an eye on your client throughout the exercise session, motivating, inspiring and even assisting him throughout the session.

Secondly, you need to show your clients that you care about them. Your client is your bread and butter, apart from being a human being who needs your help. You need to show your clients that you care by gestures such as returning E-mails and phone calls. Having follow-ups after sessions, being sympathetic about their complaints and customizing the fitness program according to individual needs will show that you care about long term benefits.

Being professional is the key to your success. This includes following a professional pattern of work being followed at offices and corporations. Some of the basic things include dressing professionally and being punctual. Dressing professionally will include a collared polo shirt with well fitting sweatpants, and exercise shoes. Pulled back hair, minimum or no jewelry, and no makeup, are some of the good ideas for dressing professionally. Being punctual shows professionalism and respect for your client, so it’s a must.

A great professional fitness trainer knows how to distinguish between personal and professional lives.  The idea is to maintain and friendly but professional attitude towards your client. You need to be very understanding and cooperative, but at the same time you must know where and how to draw a line.

Last but not the least, you might be having a top of the line fitness certification, however, you need to continuously update yourself with recent trends and techniques. Personal trainers need information about exercise equipment, nutrition, medicine, fitness, psychology, professional education courses, workshops, industry magazines, medical journals|

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