Focus on Staying Healthy By Eating Healthy As You Age

You must understand that your body would be going through several changes as you get older. However, a balanced diet would be going a long way in helping you stay fit and active. Irrespective of your age, it is crucial to have a balanced and healthy diet. With advancing age, eating habits must undergo certain changes so that your health could be boosted, instead of getting jeopardized.

Starchy & Fibrous Foods

Consumption of plenty of fibrous foods could be boosting digestion. Moreover, as you get older, you tend to encounter serious constipation issues. It is best to consume lots of fibrous foods to prevent the risk of constipation and some other digestive issues and disorders.

Iron-Rich Foods

Iron is vital for maintaining general health and overall well-being. Iron deficiency could make you feel lethargic as if there is no energy or vitality left in you. So you must necessarily include iron-rich foods such as lean red meat such as lamb, beef, pork, goat, veal, kangaroo, etc. in your diet. Consume about 90 to 100 grams of cooked lean red meat. The liver is a wonderful source of iron. The liver also contains Vitamin A so do not start consuming too much of liver as an excess of vitamin A could prove to be harmful to your health. Iron is found in some of the legumes like beans, lentils, and peas, fish like sardines, bread, eggs, breakfast cereals and green vegetables. Browse through MyBiosource Resources for more information on health.

Calcium-Rich Foods

Consuming calcium-rich foods could be effective in preventing osteoporosis. Some calcium-rich foods are dairy products like yogurt, cheese, milk. Calcium could be found in canned fish like sardines, soya beans, tofu, green leafy vegetables like cabbage and broccoli.

Consume Less Salt

With advancing age, you must avoid consuming excessive salt as it could be raising your blood pressure levels that could increase your risks of developing heart issues or stroke. Salt that we consume is mostly in foods like bread, cereals, tinned soups, sausages & salami and some other ready-to-eat foods. Examine the food labels meticulously before purchasing and buy stuff that contains relatively less salt. Avoid taking table salt. Add minimum or no salt while cooking. Consider consuming less than 6 grams of salt daily.

Have Adequate Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D is supposed to be vital for boosting bone health and preventing osteoporosis. Safe exposure to the sum still remains the best source of vitamin D. However, there are some foods that are rich in Vitamin D. They are eggs, fortified spreads, fortified breakfast cereals, oily fish etc.


As you age, you need to be more concerned about keeping healthy. You must not only eat adequately but you must concentrate on eating the right kind of foods to stay healthy. You must consider maintaining a healthy weight by eating right. Understand the fact that if you do not lose weight as you get older, you would encounter more issues associated with overweight or obesity and you would gradually become less and less mobile. Eating the right foods in the right proportion is essential for maintaining a healthy life without compromising on the quality of life. Avoid being obese as you would be exposed to issues such as diabetes and heart disease.

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