An overview of prostate cancer

The second most popular type of cancer in case of men all over the world is prostate cancer. By the year 2030, it is going to touch around 1.7 million. There are some countries where the incidence of this cancer does happen to be on the higher side. You can refer it to as the cancer that originates from the prostate gland. It tends to take place in the reproductive organs of a man and people above the age of 50 are more prone to it. Most often than not you do not find any symptoms of this disease. In due course of time you can expect death to follow as well.

Most times the cancer does spread at a slow pace, but the chances of aggressive prostate cancers are also there. They can go on to spread from the prostate to the other parts of the body. This includes the lymph nodes and the bones. Here you do not expect any form of symptom at a starting phase but you will experience pain. You can also difficult in urinating or pain during sexual intercourse as well.

This is a form of cancer that does occur less in men below the age of 50, but it is all the more so in case of men above the age of 70. If you do have a family history of this cancer then the risk increases by 2 to 3 times more. This would be in comparison to an average man. Here the race does assume a lot of importance as it is more common in black men as compared to white men. If you have multiple sex partners or in case if you start sexual activity from an early age the chances of prostate cancer does increase all the more.

Now come to the treatment options of this form of surgery, let us explore them as follows

  • HIFU- this mean high intensity frequency rays are provided. with the help of heat rays the cancer cells in the prostate glands are destroyed. The doctors are going to target the area where the cancer cells is present. It is a safe procedure and is performed under the influence of local anesthesia.
  • Robotic surgery- this would be an advanced form of surgery where the robot goes on to hold the surgical of the major advantage of this surgery would be that the precision is high and less risks are associated with this form of surgery as well.
  • Laser surgery- for the patients this works out to be the most popular form of surgery. No incision is made on the abdomen of a patient. It does go on to help the patients to urinate with a good stream. Once the surgery is over the patient is in a position to empty their bladder easily.

So on all counts prostate cancer treatment in India happens to be the top draw. The simple reason being that the country is blessed with some quality surgeons who have a proven track record.

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